Welcome to the UKGSA

The United Kingdom Gravity Sports Association (UKGSA) is a structured, members driven, organisation that aims to combine all Gravity Sport disciplines and focus on providing a regular Race Series for gravity sports. We aim to support gravity sport across the whole of the UK, from charity soapbox racers to the, fully fledged gravity athlete pushing for a world series win.

Affiliation to the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association), means our races count to global points.

The UKGSA is having the biggest push ever, we are planning the most extensive UK race series in years. Announcements for the 2013 race series will be made in December/January. Whatch this space, there is lots to come.

If you are planning a gravity sports event, maybe we can help, support our event. We can provide all sorts of help, need marshals for your event, help with advertising your even, come and speak to the team with years of experience.

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