About the UKGSA

The UKGSA was set up in 2003, by a small group of gravity sport enthusiast. (Ian and Derek Round, Mikey and Graham Whiteouse, Ben Bewley, and Tom Woresley) At the time Gravity sports it the UK was enjoying booming times, more and more racers where coming out of the wood work. However races where sporadic and difficult to get off the ground.

The UKGSA was formed to combat the lack of events, and raise safety in gravity sports. Our believe then, that continues today is simple. We can achieve more together.

By forming a membership and taking subs from members the UKGSA was able to organise the first ever internationally recognised races in the uk. Members enjoyed discounts on races enters fess in return for their investment and also became voting members of the body set up to manage UK gravity sports, ensuring that the UKGSA truly represented the gravity sport.

Over the years membership subs became to be replaced by sponsorship money. However the UKGSA saw it’s membership as a key part to it’s success, The elected key positions of the UKGSA have been filled by many different people over the years, allowing new faces to lead the UKGSA in to the future. We believe that this continuity is vital to supporting gravity sports.

Become a member today, and have your say, you know events don’t just happen, new venues aren’t going to just come knocking. Be involved and we’ll achieve even more over the next 10 years.

UKGSA Mission statement

Our mission hasn’t changed since the formation of the UKGSA.

The UKGSA is dedicated to:

Offering our members a variety of safe events at which they can ride, practice and race.
Encouraging its members to conduct themselves in a responsible manner and wear appropriate protective equipment, even when not participating in UKGSA events.
Promoting Gravity Sports to the general public, media companies and future event venues.


Providing a fully recognised Gravity Sports race series to the UK and increasing the skill level of UK Gravity Athletes.
Reducing the likelihood of injuries and maintaining the reputation of the UKGSA and Gravity Sports in general.
Increasing participation in, and raising public awareness of Gravity Sports and the UKGSA.
Bringing more money into the sport so that better venues and facilities can be provided for riders, staff and spectators.

See the Full UKGSA Constitution here.

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